Unibra owns the SKOL brand in Africa.
Our activities rely on three business models:

  • Production and marketing of our beers by our breweries, the SKOL brewery in Rwanda and the Zebidar Brewery in Ethiopia.
  • Granting of licenses for our SKOL brand to partners who brew and market SKOL at the same time as their own products: among others, the CASTEL group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Guinea and in Madagascar,
  • Export to distributors in countries where we have no industrial plants, from the Belgian Martens brewery, in which Unibra owns a major stake, or our own African breweries.

Our ambition

“We endeavour to be a respected player in the brewing industry, we love our SKOL brand, we are African."

We aim to develop perennial brewing activities that allow for job creation, as well as taking part in the economic expansion in the countries in which we are active. This is our commitment for the long term.

We aim to grow and become a formidable contender in the African brewery market.

Our growth will primarily come from our own brewery network, situated around the equator in Africa. It will contribute to the increased prestige of our SKOL brand, as a Pan-African brand.